Alchem | Importers and Distributors of Industrial Fixings and Fasteners
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 Industrial Fixings & Fasteners
 Industrial Fixings & Fasteners

Importers & Distributors of Industrial Fixings & Fasteners

Alchem was established in 1996 and is a Singapore based company with offices in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Alchem services the building industry, allied trades and manufacturers both directly and through it’s officially appointed resellers throughout the world.

As importers and distributors of industrial fixings and fasteners, Alchem has a number of top quality range of expansion plugs, chemical fixings, anchor bolts, screws, drilling systems for steel and concrete, blind rivets, spacers, abrasives, bolts and nuts and power tools.

With their complete range Alchem is able to offer a full fastener service from drilling equipment, drill bits and screwdriver accessories to the actual fixing or fastener itself.

Our trained sales representatives will offer you sound advice on the best products for your application.

Alchem | Importers and Distributors of Industrial Fixings and Fasteners
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Alchem | Importers and Distributors of Industrial Fixings and Fasteners
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